Listen to Our Duo + Flute + Vocalist

If you are planning a full Catholic mass wedding ceremony, it is imperative that your musicians KNOW the order of the mass and when the music should start- and you need a cantor! ​We work with a vocalist/cantor who has an incredible voice and is well-versed in the Catholic mass!
 Some options for musicians for a mass include: 
String Duo or Trio + Voice

String Duo or Trio + Piano +Voice

String Duo + Flute + Voice

String Duo or Trio + Harp + Voice

You can also add Flute to any of our string ensembles. Some beautiful options can include: 
String Duo + Flute= Violin, Flute, Cello 
String Trio + Flute= 2 Violins, Flute, Cello 
String Duo + Flute + Harp= Violin, Flute, Cello, Harp

Watch Our Duo + Flute + Vocalist

Listen to Our Vocalist

Music for Mass